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Marianne - Chopin


In July 2011, I participated in lessons about how to create teddy bears. I was excited about this ever since but didn't find time to take it any further.

In autumn 2012, I realized my first selfdesigned Teddy and sewed it by hand. Infected by the "teddy virus", I began to work on improving. 

I'm working with textures like mohair, alpaka, synthetic, ... To fill the teddies, I use synthetic filling and mineral granulate.
My teddies are mostly made of 5 joints, which makes them flexible. They have modelled hands and/or feet.

Each teddy is unique, due to the hand working.


2016 I accepted a new challenge: I design and realize dogs on the basis of pictures of the original.

For further questions don't hesitate to contact me.


Best regards


Marianne Schmalen-Willems

Op der Tonn, L-6188 Gonderange